Our mission is to continuously improve the interaction between our users, and help people move towards their goals.

Since 2014, we have been providing our clients with an opportunity to order affordable car rides via the mobile app, the website, or by calling an operator. Drivers, who used to communicate via radio, now have a handy app for working and more orders.

Having started in Tbilisi, we launch our modern service in other cities as well, and expand the types of available services and rates. In addition to rides in passenger cars of various classes, our clients can also order freight transportation, roadside assistance to drivers, shopping and delivery.

In each city, we step up the competition, work for the benefit of both the people and the economy. We work towards making the transport more available, and the people more mobile, create workplaces, help drivers, couriers, and other order performers make money on mutually beneficial conditions.

Our service makes it possible for its users to effectively interact with each other. Order services in the most convenient way. Complete orders with optimized search process, as well as reduced empty runs and idle time.

Our innovative approach to business and the desire to answer the ever-changing demands of our clients allow us to take an active part in the transformation and establishment of the current market of transportation services.

We enjoy creating a business that is on par with our industry's leading global companies.

It’s time to go!